My Latest Sewing Project – Tooth Fairy Cushion (tutorial kind of included)

My daughter is 5 years old and very eager for the loss of her first tooth. When I showed her the idea of the tooth fairy cushion she was very excited! She raced to my fabric stash to help me choose some fabrics. I started this project with no pattern but a pretty good idea of how it would go thanks to Pinterest. I wanted it easy but also cute & not too dodgy.

We wanted a tooth on the front with a pocket for the tooth/money & ribbon on the top for it to be hung. Sounds pretty easy.

We found some felt for the tooth but it was an off white & that colour didn’t sit well with me. It reminded me of an aging old tooth of someone who drank lots of tea or coffee not a nice new baby tooth of a 5 or 6 year old, LOL. So instead I found some cheap white fabric & decided just to try drawing & cutting a prototype tooth for the front of the cushion. This practice tooth actually ended up being the tooth I used as it turned out ok. I stitched it onto the front of a square piece of scrap fabric which was to be the pocket using a zigzag stitch. This looks a little dodge up close as it was hard to manoeuvre the curves but overall it looks fine! I then hand stitched (using regular black sewing thread) a face & ribbon to make it look cute. That was kinda fun & it turned out cuter than I expected. See below.

I then ironed down all of the sides of the pocket. Top stitched the top part down then stitched it to the fabric which would make up the cushion. Easy peasy. With the measurements of everything I just played it by ear & used my guess-timation skills. I love sewing like that, LOL. I then positioned the hanging ribbon inside the cushion & stitched around the edges. Left a little gap open at the top, stuffed with stuffing & then hand stitched closed. This looked a little dodgy & so I added the ribbon the cover it. But all in all I think it looks good. My daughter is happy with it & it was easy so win win all round.

Finished product:

Now to await the loss of the first tooth!!!

Hope the instructions I gave make sense & help you be inspired to whip one of these up yourself. It really was easy, quick & very rewarding to see the finished project and my happy daughters face!!


Paula x

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