Fabric Jungle is Moving Home!!!

The time has come for me to make the big decision to move the Fabric Jungle back home. I am giving up the warehouse & cleaning out my sewing/scrapbooking room to move the fabric back in. Whilst this is a little sad this isn’t a step backwards it is a step in the right direction!

Since I finished working part-time and started focusing on the Fabric Jungle full-time I have been lacking something very very important. A goal!!! When I was working part-time my goals were set out, written down and stuck to my wall for me to view often. My main goal was simple, to make Fabric Jungle successful enough to allow me to quit my job. I had more specific indicators of “success” and I ticked these off as I achieved them. But since I completed this first list of goals for some reason I have failed to set out any more? I don’t know why this is? As a result for the past year I have not really been working towards anything in particular bar keeping the Fabric Jungle running.

I moved into the warehouse because I ran out of space at home and also because I thought it was the next natural step in the progression of my business. I didn’t think into it very much at all! Recently I have started wondering where I am going. It has actually made me quite worried because I wasn’t sure what I wanted. All I knew was that I didn’t really have a shop, I didn’t have a lot of customers coming into the warehouse and I was paying a rather large chunk of my fabric budget on rent!!

So I thought back to the main reason why I started Fabric Jungle in the first place all the way back in 2010. The number one main reason why I started Fabric Jungle was because….wait for it……I wanted to have another baby!!! Sounds crazy because I haven’t had another baby at all!! LOL. I wanted to have a way to earn income while working from home & allowing me to pay bills but also to be a stay at home mum. It was/is important for me to be able to take my daughter to school at 9am and pick her up 3pm. I still hope at some stage (in the near future hopefully) to be able to have a baby and continue to work on the Fabric Jungle from my home and I certainly would not feel more comfortable taking a newborn baby into a warehouse for work than I would having a baby at home snug in their cot while I worked away in the spare room cutting fabric. Not to mention my daughter who gets extremely bored when she has to come into the warehouse. When I worked from home it was so much easier on her!!

So now I can see moving into the warehouse actually went against this main goal of being a stay at home mum! I currently leave my daughter every Monday, Tuesday & every second Wednesday (when she isn’t at kindy) to go to the warehouse without her. I have every Thursday off working on Fabric Jungle but this is when she is at kindy & she also goes to kindy on Fridays. So in actual fact I am seeing her less than when I was when I was working part-time at my other job!!!

Having the warehouse I also couldn’t work at night when she was in bed to catch up on packing. I had to postpone answering customers’ questions as I couldn’t check on any fabric or stock levels when I was at home and I couldn’t set up the sale album on Tuesday nights as the fabric was all at the warehouse. So it was a big pain in the bottom in that regard and I felt a lot less in control!!

Whilst it would be lovely to have a pretty shop front it is not something that I now see having in the foreseeable future. I don’t even think a warehouse is called for in my new business plan. I don’t want to create the next Spotlight or Lincraft!

What I would like is:

  • To be able to work from the comfort of my own home so I can spend more time with my child/ren. Be a true WAHM!!
  • Flexibility in my work hours. So I can answer questions any time of the night or day!! Pick ups can happen after work if necessary!!
  • Less overheads so there is less pressure to sell fabric & more pleasure in running the business.

Fabric Jungle is not downsizing!! I am still growing! You will still see lots of new wonderful fabrics every week, possibly even more as I have more money to buy with!!

First on my “to do list” now I have made this major decision is to sit down & devise my goals again!!! That is long overdue. Also I am making an inspiration board, so I can be inspired every day to work towards my ultimate goals.

Do you have goals written down for your business or life? Do you have an inspiration board? Please feel free to share here or on my facebook page.

Thanks for reading this very large post!! I look forward to bringing you lots of new fabrics & packing them from the comfort of my own home.

Paula 🙂

Bye Bye Warehouse

Bye Bye Fabric Jungle Warehouse

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7 Responses to Fabric Jungle is Moving Home!!!

  1. Marion Zacher says:

    Well you have written that all very well, what a good idea to work from home, less expenses and more time for family. I did family day care for 20 years for that reason so l was home for my children. Well done you will notice the difference and your business is just great l love it. Good luck x x

  2. Karen says:

    Paula…you have definitely made the right decision to go back home, as you know once you take your work from home to a new space with small children sometimes it just doesn’t work out, but at least you tried it and realized where you need to be, well done. Fantastic fabric…love the Fabric Jungle!

  3. Haylie @ Little Miss Fascinated says:

    YAY FOR ANOTHER BABY!!!!! And honestly hun, I think 99% of us WAHM’s wish we had that dream store/shop front – mainly because we would like to see all of our loveliness ‘done up’ and on display for the world to see why we’re passionate about it in the first place!! But like you have found out – the dream store costs us money & the time away from our little ones that grow WAY too fast!

    So I APPLAUD you for letting go of the warehouse & heading back home – AND for wanting to bring another bubba into your family. After all, that’s what the Big Picture should be all about, right?!? GO GIRL!

    Still one of your biggest fans – Haylie @ Little Miss Fascinated xoxoxoxox

  4. charmaine says:

    Hi i just wanted to say, what a lovely post. Time just moves so fast and i know how you feel about not quite knowing what your next goals were. Hey you took a leap and were out for a while but now you are leaping back. It will give you so much more satisfaction being able to be home and work when you cant sleep or have a few minutes. My advice (for what its worth because i am a total stranger 🙂 ) is try not to overdo it and try to take too much on because of the fact that you are at home. Maybe set *work* hours and then maybe a couple of hours later in the evening a few times a week.
    Thar way you ge the best of both worlds.
    I dont have goals, hubby and i have a fruit property and i just tag along doing his, dont get me wrong im happy too, but mine seem so unattainable….it makes him cranky (lol) because he says i should have goals:)
    Anyway all the best, and i enjoy following you on facebook and hope that it all works out for you….esp the bub:)

  5. Tarnia says:

    Your a legend Paula, no matter where you are located. You have a successful business hun, the hard works paid off. You can make your family #1 priority without the stress.

  6. Jenny Djuzel-Scrap says:

    Hi Paula,
    Great post & by what you have written, it sounds to me like a very wise move. Where else should a WAHM be than at home with her family. Wish you all the best with the move & am so looking forward to all the new fabric still to come. Good luck xox

  7. paula says:

    Thanks so much ladies!! I am moving home at the end of June and I can’t wait!! It is funny how a step backwards can be considered a step forwards in my mind. I am working on my inspiration board and my virtual inspiration board on Pinterest.

    Thanks so so much for your support and feedback it makes me so happy!!!

    Paula 🙂