Fabric Jungles First Birthday!!!

First of all I want to thank you; my customers, likers & supporters for allowing me to offer you wonderful fabrics for the past year. Without your love of my fabric & desire to have it in your stash I would not have been able to keep doing this. I have loved every minute of working on Fabric Jungle in the last year & to be honest with you I have spent waaaaay too much time on it! I am still struggling to find the perfect balance, the perfect system, the perfect supplier and the perfect everything to make the Fabric Jungle just perfect but that’s the joy of it! Learning & biting off more than I can chew & chewing like crazy is what has made me grow the Fabric Jungle to what it has become. Expect more growth & changes within the Fabric Jungle over the next couple of months & always always expect new gorgeous fabrics & patterns every week 😉

I want to send a very very big thank you in particular to Keeley T. my first ever customer!!! Liz N., Mel B., Jodie O., Amanda L., Jodie T., Eleanor H., Karita C., Lee M., Caddie N. & Bec M. also deserve a big thank you as they were among my first customers who purchased from me when I was just starting out. Without them Fabric Jungle would have never got off the ground in the first place! So thank you ladies so much I hope you are still around! Please email me if you are 😉

Now in celebration of Fabric Jungle’s First Birthday & reaching 5,000 likers lets give away from Fabric $$$!!!

To have a chance please do one of the following & post under my link on FACEBOOK to this blog entry;

1) Post a link on my facebook page to a photo of my first every fabric delivery. It is in an album on facebook!!

2) Name my trusty assistant! Without him I would not be able to keep up at all, lol. So a BIG thank you to him too. Although he goes unmentioned (he prefers it that way) he plays a very big part in Fabric Jungle!!!

Good luck ladies & thanks again 🙂

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One Response to Fabric Jungles First Birthday!!!

  1. Keegab Rigby says:

    Your little brother is your assistant! Now to find that first order!